Number Portability


Number Portability

Can I keep my existing phone number?

If your number does not appear to be portable to our service at this time, but please contact to confirm.

Some numbers may be portable ex: (Bedford, Quebec 450-248-xxxx)

Even if the number is not portable, there may be alternative options available for you that we can discuss.

What do I need to do?

Switching My Number to babyTEL

How do I switch my number to babyTEL?

Simply indicate your wish to keep your number during sign up or when adding a new number. You will be asked to specify the number. It’s that easy! We will ask you to fill out a Letter of Authorization and send it back to us (by fax or mail), along with proof or ownership, which can be a copy of your most recent telephone bill showing your number, name and address. That’s all you need to do, we will take care of the rest!

Note that if you have a DSL Internet connection, which depends on your telephone line, you need to contact your telecom provider and ask to unbundle your telephone number from your DSL telephone line before switching to babyTEL.

How do I unbundle my telephone line from my Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)?

If you want to port your number but your Internet connection depends on your telephone line, you need to contact your telecom provider and request an unbundled DSL or ‘dry/naked’ loop, without cancelling your existing telephone line. Your provider will assign a new telephone number to your DSL connection, leaving your existing telephone number on a standalone line. Your telephone number is now ready to be switched to babyTEL!

How long will it take?

Transferring your telephone number will take a minimum of 5 business days from the date you start the transfer process by completing and submit the Letter of Authorization (LoA) and attachments.

Note that transferring your telephone number to babyTEL means a disconnection of that telephone number and account with your present telephone company and reconnection to the babyTEL network. Timing ultimately depends on how fast your former telephone company can process babyTEL’s request to port your telephone number. In practice we have seen delays of 3 weeks or more especially if the request form has not been properly filled or a valid proof or ownership was not provided initially.

Can I use babyTEL before the number is ported?

Yes! Simply activate your babyTEL account to begin using your new babyTEL line. You will be able to use your new babyTEL line to make calls to anywhere and receive calls from other babyTEL users even though number portability is still in progress. Incoming calls from non-babyTEL users will continue to ring your existing service provider line until the port to babyTEL is completed. Incoming calls from other babyTEL users will ring your new babyTEL line. Please note that billing for the first month of service starts once you complete the activation of your account.

Can a portability request be rejected?

No! If your current telephone number is still active (don’t cancel your service) and if your payments are up to date with your current telephone provider, your request will be processed.

Number Transfer Letter of Authorization  Form

Please enter all the data required and then print this form.  Should  the form not automatically download, please right click the button below and select “Download linked file”.

Send a signed and dated copy of this authorization form along with a copy of your most recent local phone bill to The bill must display your name, number(s), service address and provider’s name.  Scan both documents and email to