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For those who want their home phone in their purse or pocket

Choose the ROAMbaby plan and get:

  • A free ROAMbaby app: download from Android or Apple App Store.
  • All the benefits of a home phone in your mobile phone
  • 300 minutes of local and long distance calls in Canada and the USA
  • One local phone number anywhere in the USA or Canada

Check our low international rates Usage charges: 3.0 ¢/ minute inbound or outbound to Canada & USA. * Taxes, regulatory fees and other applicable charges are extra

Can I keep my existing phone number?

Free for Home Phone Subscribers!

Use your babyTEL home number on your iPhone or Android

Download the ROAMbaby app and get:

  • All the benefits of your babyTEL home phone in your mobile phone
  • Local and long distance calls in Canada and USA (as per your plan)
  • Free calls to other babyTEL subscribers

Learn more about babyTEL Home Phone plans here
Check our low international rates

  • Put your  cell number to shame: Talk using ROAMBaby and save up to 80% compared to making the same calls on your regular cell number.
  • Talk, freely:  Calling inside of Canada has never cost less. ROAMbaby lets you make-and-take affordable calls while on the road. Talk freely with no long-distance charges.

ROAM freely in the US or abroad

  • Low-cost calls from WiFi zones: Use ROAMbaby with your WiFi connection at your hotel or at near-by hotspots for low–to-no cost calling
  • Take a Mobile WiFi hotspot with you: Don’t get stuck in WiFi cafes and hotel rooms. Take a Mobile WiFi hotspot device (available from most US and European carriers) with you to access the internet at a  fraction of the cost of your cell phone’s roaming data rates. Make low-cost calls from your ROAMbaby app, no matter where you roam!

The details

  • ROAMbaby app: A phone just like your native smartphone, with dialer, favorites, recents, contacts. It’s even a little smarter because of its built in WiFi or data connection test!
  • ROAMbaby smartnumber: Choose a phone number in an area code of your choice, and your friends and family from there talk to you as if they are dialing locally, no matter where you are.
  • Free ROAMbaby to ROAMbaby calling: Get your friends on ROAMbaby, and talk to them free. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Low cost calling: Our $9.95 / month package includes 300 minutes of Canada/US long distance calling at no additional charge. Plus low rates on international calls that would make cell phone carriers blush.
  • The usual suspects: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Voicemail and Voice-to-Email


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