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Cloud Business

Connect your offices, telecommuters and remote teams anywhere in the world

  • Users can connect their phones anywhere through an Internet connection
  • A single administrator can set up and manage multiple locations
  • Virtual local numbers from the U.S., Canada and worldwide bring you closer to your customers

You want your people connected. We connect people!

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From a global service provider based in Montreal

  • babyTEL offers voice and fax cloud-based services Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia
  • Technology built in-house means that we can adapt and apply it quickly to meet your needs
  • We focus on quality, reliability and putting the customer first

Let us be your telecom makeover advisers. We’ll make you look even better!

Our auto-attendant listens and sincerely wants to help

  • The auto attendant understands voice commands or keystrokes and directs callers exactly as they choose
  • Easy and fast to set up yet rich in capabilities, our auto attendant will meet your precise needs
  • It’s even a very basic stand-alone Service with incoming calls forwarded to your cell phone

Your account – easily managed and controlled through our intuitive online portal

  • Easily configure and manage your services online
  • Track your service costs and call history in real time
  • Users can easily access and control personal settings

It’s easy to set up and manage yourself. Still, if you prefer, we’ll set it up for you!

With the ROAMbaby app, never miss a call – unless you want to

  • Our ROAMbaby app runs on smartphones, tablets and computers, connected through Wi-Fi or a cell carrier data link
  • The app supports dial-by-extension, transfer and conferencing, plus the many features of the native cell phone like contacts and call log
  • For the office desk, if ROAMbaby has not completely replaced it, expect our desk top phones to provide exceptional sound quality and features

Our customers REALLY, REALLY LIKE US. Why?

  • Our customers love the support we provide, how fast we react to their needs and how we take action on feedback
  • Our customers love the quality, reliability and options like service continuity and high availability, plus all the extras
  • The expertise we have and the knowhow we share

And a bunch of really, really cool features and stuff that makes them go ‘yeah baby’!



ROAMbaby is an enterprise-worthy soft phone app. providing all the benefits of a desktop phone and even more. Connection is through Wi-Fi or a cellphone carrier’s data link.  When working in conjunction with our cloud business phone solution all the features expected on the desktop phone are replicated on the app. These include:

  • Three- or four-digit extension dialing
  • Call transfer – Options for supervised and unsupervised
  • Conferencing – Up to four person or larger ad-hoc conferences can be set up from ROAMbaby

On ROAMbaby, we have also replicated native smartphone features including:

  • Contacts
  • Call log
  • Direct dialing from contacts or call logs

ROAMbaby features are provided in a more user friendly way than experienced with even the best IP desktop phone. ROAMbaby works on multiple platforms:


  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry

With ROAMbaby on your smartphone, you can always have a direct connection to the office. You will appreciate the ability to leave your desk and still have your phone with you, whether in the next office or on the next continent.


  • iPAD & Android Tablets

Try ROAMbaby on an iPad or Android tablet. Depending on the tablet, it may be able to replace a desktop phone for many users. Making it  even easier to take your office anywhere.

Personal Computers

  • Windows 7 & 8
  • Apple iOS

The ROAMbaby for the PC is clearly a winner in work environments  where a user is often tied to their Computer.

A Better Business Phone Solution

Benefit from a better business phone solution without the hassle of on-premise PBX procurement, setup and support process.

Quality and Reliability

Your business can rely on our in-house designed high-availability infrastructure, thanks to redundancy, security, optimization and around-the-clock monitoring.

Auto Attendant

Access to an automated attendant that responds to voice commands.

Multiple Locations Serviced

Connect multiple office locations, home workers and road warriors, to the same centrally-managed IP-PBX.

Free Calls

Make FREE calls to your enterprise users or  other babyTEL users anywhere in the world – without paying long distance charges.

Virtual Numbers

Set up a unique, local phone number wherever you do business. Create local numbers for each office or employee. You can also keep your existing number.

Simultaneous Ringing

Your desktop phone and ROAMbaby phones all ring simultaneously – You pick up on the phone that is convenient. You may even opt to have ROAMbaby replace your desktop phone.

ROAMbaby App

Our ROAMbaby apps, for smartphones, tablets, and PCs provide full desk-top capability including dial by extension, call transfer, and setting up a conferences.

Message Consolidation

A second telephone number is provided each user to consolidate messages from other devices in a single babyTEL mail box.

Why pay for expensive PBX systems when

you can go to


Cloud Business Plan

  • No activation Fees

  • Main company account includes 2 telephone lines

  • One main company number and one user number  $27/mth

  • Additional Seats include 1 telephone line each @ $27/mth

  • Each seat needs an Aastra IP phone see our  full selection

  • Please note that the Cloud Business  Service is only compatible with Aastra’s IP Phones models 6700i and 6800i.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

Toll-Free Numbers

Access your babyTEL account online to add a Toll-Free Number and give your callers an easier way to reach you.

As always, all calls between babyTEL users, anywhere in the world, are FREE! That means you will not be charged whenever a babyTEL user calls your toll-free number.

Already have a toll-free number but want the savings and features that come with babyTEL? No problem! Let us know and we’ll switch your toll-free number to babyTEL at no charge.

Rates of Toll-Free numbers used with a babyTEL voice plan:

Number type Setup fee Monthly fee Minutes included Excess minutes
USA/Canada1 $10.00 $5.00 125 2.9 ¢
USA only2 $10.00 $5.00 125 2.9 ¢

Rates of Toll-Free numbers used with a FAX plan:

Number type Setup fee Monthly fee Minutes included Excess minutes
USA/Canada1 $10.00 $5.00 100 3.5 ¢
USA only2 $10.00 $5.00 100 3.5 ¢

1. USA/Canada numbers can only be called from Canada or USA unless the caller is a babyTEL user. 2. USA-only numbers can only be called from the USA unless the caller is a babyTEL user.

Virtual Numbers Numbers

Access your babyTEL account online to add a virtual number and get a virtual presence in a new location where you can receive calls.

The rate for a babyTEL Virtual Number is $5.95 per month, with a one-time setup fee of $9.95.

Money Back Guarantee

babyTEL® offers a 14-day money back guarantee. For Business Phone accounts the guarantee is applicable to up to four users per account. For other accounts the guarantee is applicable to one primary line per account, but not for additional or secondary lines.Under terms of the Money-Back Guarantee, babyTEL refunds the activation fee, first month of service, device rental fees and shipping charges. Any payment for the purchase of a device is also fully refunded.To be eligible for the money back guarantee, (i) the user must terminate the Service within 14 days of the Anniversary Date, (ii) the Device(s) must be returned within 14 days of the date of cancellation and (iii) the account must not have exceeded 250 minutes of usage. User remains responsible for any long distance charges, directory assistance and all other usage fees that are not eligible for refund. THIS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE DOES NOT APPLY TO ACCOUNTS EXCEEDING 250 MINUTES OF USAGE AND SUCH ACCOUNTS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REFUND OF ANY OF THE CHARGES DESCRIBED HEREIN.

All returned devices must be in the original packaging with the UPC or bar code intact. All components, manuals and registration card(s) must be included. Equipment must be returned with a valid return authorization number obtained from babyTEL Customer Care. To obtain a return authorization number, user must contact User is responsible for the cost and risk of return shipping of equipment. THE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WILL NOT BE HONORED IF USER FAILS TO MEET ALL SUCH REQUIREMENTS.

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The Administrator Service

Cloud Business Admin Service takes care of the technical setup of your new telephone system.

Admin Service which includes first time configuration of company accounts, setup of all new and old telephone numbers, new users, extensions, user email address box, groups, automated attendant, schedule, general options and links for roambaby.

This is based on one main company phone numbers and one contract

No contracts note
No refunds for services rendered

User Profile Setup

To setup a user, you must fill out a user profile form for every user you have. You can add two users per form, please follow the steps below:

  1. Adobe Reader® is required to fill out the form:
    • if you currently have Adbobe Reader® skip to the next step
    • if you don’t you can get it hereget_adobe_reader
  2. Download the User Profile PDF Form (pdficon_small user-profile-form.pdf 450kb )
  3. Open the saved form using Adobe Reader®, and Fill out all applicable fields.
  4. Save the filled form, and email the PFD back to:

One time Main Account setup fees:
special offer 99.99$, reg.150$.

Additional users setup fees: 25$/ea.

Administrative Phone Training: 75$/h

Including phone training for Automated Attendant and Review of your account configuration, (min one hour).


Cloud Business